Summary Plandata 2001-2022

Planningtools & other Advanced spreadsheetsolutions
Plandata develops tailor made resource planningtools and other advanced spreadsheetapplications using Visual Basic & MS-Excel. Keywords are: sharing data between departments, automating frequent actions, complex (solver) algoritms, advanced planning and scheduling. Plandata Consultancy has build a lot of tailor made advanced planning and scheduling tools, integrated in Excel's interface. The return on investment is unique because the use of existing Office-routines and the use of own developed predefined planning-algoritms.

Why use tailor made Plandatatools
Our advanced tools are unique because they use Excel as interface. That's why Plandata is quickly to learn and easy to deploy. Users are highly self supporting. And when familiar with Excel the user can solve all kinds of issues without contacting external consultants. This appears to be extremely valuable. Within 2 month or less a tool can be implemented, including training and testing. This is possible because model-structures which are used frequently are already predefined. Also: build-in consistency diagnose tools check for conflicting data.

More about Advanced Optimization
To solve complex optimization tasks Plandata can use state-of-the-art optimization algoritms which can be integrated in a planningtool. These advanced optimization algoritms are developed by Frontline Systems. However it's possible that the specific optimization problem in your business can be solved with one of our own developed algoritms. The decision to use Frontline-solvers-modules can be made after a first survey. We offer you the technology to optimize your planning process using Excel as interface to intelligent planning algoritmes.

Integrated & Collaborative Planning
We can offer integrated planningsolutions. When a tool is configured having combined data-sources then (for example) the material schedulers can refresh a 'supplier report' as soon as a new plan or schedule is agreed and saved by the end-user. Also crewplanning and capacity reports become available.

Reporting & Monitoring
Plandata develops tailor made reports for relevant departments. The reports (tabels, views, graphics) can be distributed easily. Examples of predefined (management, monitoring and analysing) reports: Productionplan reports - Management reports (Year to Date & Balance of Year; KPI's) - Forecast/sales reports - Warehouse Inventory reports - Used material & bulk - Personnel planning and crew scheduling reports - Spare capacity and used resources reports - Machine efficiency reports - Energy reports.

Implementation & Training
The implementation is often done at client's site together with the end-user(s). Giving the best learning curve. Implementing Plandata starts with defining the specific logistic- or production model/process. In this phase resources like machines, productionlines, routings and capacity constraints are defined. Also import-settings to external dynamic datasources (e.g. forecast- and inventorydata). Training is integrated in the implementation-phase. Because of the use of Excel as interface our tools are quickly to understand. After 'Go Life' users can do most of the model maintenance without external help.

Company Profile
Plandata was founded in 2001 by an experienced Production and Energy Monitoring Engineer. With the academic background and 10 years of experience in implementing energy and production monitoring- and planning-tools the decision was made to develop custom made advanced planningtools based on Excel & Visual Basic. Tools which are easy to install, easy to deploy and easy to maintain.

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